Au revoir Paris / Hallo Amsterdam

Sara Dixon

Bikes in Amsterdam
Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What can I say we have been having too much fun to blog… 

We got to spend 6 incredible days in Paris. We met a lot of young backpackers during our time there and got to see a lot of stunning and historical sites. We spent the rest of our days in Paris: shopping, taking photos, exploring, and simply taking in every step we took along the way. We traveled to the county side to a town called Giverny, here we got to visit Monet's Garden, that was an extremely beautiful and special day. When I say you are surrounded by beauty every step of the way that is in no way an exaggeration. As artists, we were both inspired by the art we got to view as well as the natural beauty of the garden. We spent our last day in Paris eating the most delicious Brunch I have ever had in my entire life, and I've seen a lot of brunches in my day… After our extravagant Brunch we made our way to the park near the Eiffel Tower where Samantha played some tunes on her Ukulele and I of course snapped as many photos as I possibly could. I later made my way down to the Arc de Triomphe for one last touristy moment, it was bitter sweet to say the least.

Paris is an incredible place to be and I feel beyond lucky to have gotten to spend 6 days there. I can not wait to go back someday and who knows maybe you'll see me there sitting by the river selling some canvases of my favorite Paris shots… just look for my French beret ;) 

Now here we are in Amsterdam! We got in Sunday afternoon and have been riding up and over all the beautiful canals here. One thing I LOVE here, besides, yep you guessed it, the Architecture and all the THRIFT shopping they have here! There is a new thrift shop on almost every corner! Now now of course there is more I love here. We rented bikes yesterday / today and got to explore ALL of Amsterdam! People were not joking when they talked about Bikers ruling this town… I am not gonna lie, I was a little terrified at times but we made it through and if you can make it here on a bike, you can make it anywhere! And yes, I loved ringing my bell for no reason… My favorite thing here so far has been riding the bikes around town especially in the Vondel Park. We also went on a Canal cruise which was a lot of fun, any excuse for me to be in a boat you know I LOVE! The canals are everything and more I could have wanted them to be, there are so many adorable boat houses that I could just see myself living in… but honestly it's a little too chilly here for me (I know I live in NY…) but if I am going to own a boat house you better believe I'll be in Italy or Spain… Which are our next two spots….

Tomorrow we set sail for Italy, I can already feel myself not wanting to leave. We will be in Sorrento and will not have access to the outside world for a bit so if you don't hear from us don't you worry, we'll just be laying on the beach soaking up every ray of sunshine. After Sorrento, we head to Rome so once we get there I'll be able to update you on our Italian "camping" adventures… 

Untile we meet again, 

Shutter Bug