Day 2 in Ireland

Sara Dixon

Day 2 in Ireland
Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Me oh my!! Just when I thought our first day at The Cliffs of Moher couldn't be topped… today happened.

This morning after we had a delicious home cooked Irish breakfast our dashing chap, Phillip, took us lassies up and over the mountains of Ireland and back down to the seashore. Our first stop was at the top of The Conor Pass. I have always heard about the Irish roads being tiny and twisty but today has put that description in a whole new surreal perspective… I am here to tell you everything you have heard about traffic being caused by someone crossing the road or a car coming down the mountain is true. But oh what a lovely drive up we had.

Its funny, Phillip asked Samantha & I if it all felt like a dream still and obviously we said yes! This is the biggest trip I have ever embarked on and not to mention it is to the land I have dreamt of since age 7 so I don't think this trip will ever not feel surreal. Its pretty cool to think about how special this trip is for Samantha & myself. We both have such strong family ties here and have always dreamt about the day we would someday discover the magic of Ireland for ourselves, that right there is enough to be surreal.

Oh and the scenery, GUYS I can't even handle it. My heart bursts out of my chest every time we pull up to a new spot or let alone turn the corner and you see the blue ocean surrounded by giant boulders. Its just too perfect to be real. 

Okay so maybe I'm rambling, but lets just say our first stop we hiked up a mountain only to find a crystal clear lake that should be on the cover of every water bottle in this country. After we gawked at its beauty, we made our way up and over the mountain to the most adorable town called Dingle. We then got the most tasty sweets you could ever imagine and walked around this colorful coastal town. If you know me at all you know I was completely in my element whenever a stray dog walked past us or a sailboat floated on by. Of course I stopped every few blocks to shutter away, I just can't help it! 

After our time in Dingle we drove back up a mountain only to discover the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean while along Slea Head, Dingle Peninsula. Love at first sight, just wait until you see the photos! This is a must see, just go you will not regret it at all. I am in love thats really all I have to say. 

So after our lovely drive we headed back to Tralee where we then had a delightful dinner with Philip and his mother, Mary. We sure did miss Louise & Amy! They took us to their favorite Italian restaurant in town and I understand why. Everything about tonight was beautiful. The food was brilliant and the people were so welcoming. Honestly the hospitality here reminds me a lot of the Southern hospitality back in the States, so y'all know I felt right at home! After dinner we headed back up to the mountain and got to see a meteor shower; it was the perfect ending to a remarkable day! 

Tomorrow we will be exploring the Ring of Kerry! Stay tuned for photos of these magic moments coming soon! 

Until we meet again, 

Shutter Bug