Day 3 in Ireland

Sara Dixon

Samantha, Philip, & I on The Ring of Kerry
Friday, August 14, 2015

Where do I even begin! As you know, Thursday was our 3rd day in this magical land and we spent it exploring the breathtaking Ring of Kerry. We hit the road at about half past 10 and went on our way through County Kerry. We stopped at Glenbeigh, Waterville, Kenmare, Killarney, and more! Nothing but GLORIOUS views EVERYWHERE! I am pretty sure my eyes are starting to hurt from all the natural beauty surrounding me… 

Below are some highlights from our stops along The Ring of Kerry.

  •  Glenbeigh - This was our first big stop, we stopped off at a GORGEOUS beach and soaked up some sun rays while watching the jolly locals enjoy clear skies and 70 degree weather at the beach. One moment I was gazing out at the Atlantic Ocean and the next I was watching locals horseback riding up the mountain, well maybe they weren't locals but they sure fooled me! I felt like I needed to buy a horse, pitch a tent, and live my life on the beach with my horse. Thats what Glenbeigh taught me. 

  • Waterville - I loved this little town so much! First of all, Samantha was in heaven when she saw a Billy Goat just hanging out with his owner in their front yard, the way a dog would in America… after staring at the Billy Goat we then we crossed the street and walked along the stone covered beach where I got some beautiful shots of the different Islands in the vast sea. This is another great spot I could live at with my horse some day… oh relax I am only kidding! OR AM I? 

  •  Kenmare - This is where we stopped to eat a delicious lunch! We all got Fish & Chips because when in Ireland… It was oh so tasty, I'm getting hungry now just thinking about it! This town was so colorful and packed full of people wining & dining just living the good life.  

  • Killarney - Our last stop on The Ring of Kerry journey. We walked around the big Castle that is there and enjoyed the lake & mountain views in the background. While snapping some shots of the castle I realized I should forget the tent and just move into the castle instead… 

Once we got back home we had some delicious home cooked food and got ready for a very exciting reunion with our lovely friend, Claire. Claire & Philip took us out on the town where we reunited with another lovely Irish gal, Amy, and met some local lads which made for a fun night in the streets of our beloved Tralee.  

We are currently headed to Dublin & will be on our own until we get to London tomorrow. We already miss the Stones so much, especially Miss Louise! Philip and Mary made us feel right at home and showed us the most magical sights Kerry has to offer. It was the PERFECT way to start our adventure through Europe!  Many thanks! 

Until we meet again, 

Shutter Bug