Day 4 - An Irish Farewell

Sara Dixon

Friday night in Dublin
Saturday, August 15, 2015

Friday 8/14/15 was our last day in Ireland. We traveled to Dublin for the night before we ventured over to London this morning. The train ride from Tralee over to Dublin was so relaxing and quite lovely. Once we got to Dublin we did the typical Samara thing and got some Pizza. After we had some pie we waltzed over to the famous Penneys where we did some successful shopping. After we exhausted our selves from our big shopping trip we tried to relax a little bit but knowing how little time we had in Dublin made that impossible. 

After we dolled ourselves up, lipstick and all we headed out on the town. We strolled along the famous O'Connell Bridge until we found a restaurant that fancied our taster buds, which of course was Italian. I know I know we ate an Italian dinner our last night in IRELAND, how could we? Thats okay because after that we went to the coolest Irish pub in town, THE Temple Bar. There were so many cute twinkle lights over our heads, beautiful flowers that draped over the bricks, and the best tunes dating back to the good ole Beatles days for us to enjoy. We met some fellow Americans and got to chat with them and share stories of what brought us across the pond. Since we had a big morning of traveling ahead of us we called it an early night.

Our time in Ireland was just so special. I think we both feel even more connected to the land where we both have such strong roots in, I truly can not wait to to go back & explore even more some day. I will forever feel blessed to have Irish blood in me. 

Now here we are sitting at our hotel in London waiting to check in while we plan out the rest of our adventures through Europe. I don't really know what I would do without Samantha, other than probably be lost wandering around all these foreign cities confused about well pretty much everything. As I sit here and reflect on my time in Ireland I am just so happy to be here and have my best friend by my side. This really is the time of our lives, I know I am exactly where I belong right now.

Time to get back to the adventures, LONDON IS WAITING on me! 

Until we meet again, 

Shutter Bug