Day 6 / Day 7 - A Royal Weekend

Sara Dixon

Georgia, Samantha, and I in front of the Palace.
Monday, August 17, 2015

Day 6 - Sunday; August 16, 2015

Another day full of fun with our English mate, Georgia! Samantha and I dressed in our best casual wear and put our shiny lips on for the big day; we headed over to meet the Queen! The feeling I felt walking down the tree-covered path to the Buckingham Palace is simply indescribable. I remember as a wee little lassie being fascinated by the Royal family, like every other girl I wanted to be a Princess and live in a magical kingdom! Every step we took closer and closer to the Royal gates, my heart beat faster and faster. Next thing I knew, we were standing in front of the palace and all my childhood day dreams were becoming a reality. We spent the next few minuets observing the beauty of the Palace's architecture and imagining what it would be like to be a Queen, just like Beyonce… We then went on our way to see Big Ben, seeing this still doesn't feel like real life but somehow it is. We then made our way to Abbey Road. As we began approaching, we broke out into song, of course we sang a Beatles classic because that was only fitting… 

Abbey Road was a very overwhelming experience trying to dodge cars to get a famous replica of The Beatles album cover but of course we made it happen! We finished our day with Georgia by walking through Hyde Park, where Samantha got to see her beloved Peter Pan and I forced the girls to model for me in a grassy field. Our day was full of exploring, art, and of course joy. 

We later met a Parisian man, Yoan, who we helped speak English and he helped us speak French. This was so fascinating to me because I was able to truly test out my French vocabulary that I have forgotten over the past five years. I surprised myself but also realized I have a lot of brushing up to do before Tuesday…! We enjoyed spending the evening with our new friend! But boy do we miss Georgia already!! 

Day 7 - Monday, August 17, 2015 

Today is our last day in The United Kingdom. We have had an amazing time here! This morning did some more shopping and then got some afternoon tea. We had tea at Drink, Shop, and Do which is this adorable little tea shop around the corner from Kings Cross.  I had Fresh Mint Tea made straight from mint leaves, I highly recommend this to anyone who is a tea & mint fan, its DELISH! We are currently getting ready for our next stop… Paris. We will arrive in The City of Lights tomorrow morning where the next adventure will begin! 

Until we meet again, 

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