Sara Dixon

Thursday, August 06, 2015

As a kid I would spend my days consumed in my day dreams, plotting out the next big blockbuster. As I got older I dreamt of the day I would pack my bags & move to NYC, and in 2012 I did just that. Now here I am chasing my dreams, plotting out the next story, all the while daydreaming of setting sail and discovering the world.

As I prepare to travel the world for the first time I decided to start a blog of my adventures to share the stories I come across while over seas. Not only am I excited to share stories through my art but I am also excited to share the work of others that not only inspires me but also brings joy to me throughout my every day endeavors. 

I have dedicated this Wanderlust blog to my worldly travels. It is here where I will share my stories and tell those of the ones I meet along the way. 

So hang on tight… the adventures await! 

Song of the week:  https://soundcloud.com/piercefulton/in-reality

Until We Meet Again,

Shutter Bug